Monday, April 5, 2010

the DiKKy Heartiez Show Recap 01

Hot Topics Covered during DiKKy talk tonight:
-Brown is one of DiKKy's favorite colors. So that means brown people are -in-!
-DiKKy feels that the GNAA was better under his leadership than the new leadership of weev.
-DiKKy has a cute giggle, and it should be turned into a ring tone and available here or some other popular DiKKy site.
-DiKKy said he wanted old school GNAA flooding
-Allie likes the scent of date-rapists, Jenk also says he likes the scent.
-DiKKy feels that beer is very good, although he normally does not have many alcoholic drinks, because he is a very responsible person.
-Sweds and Nords should get along.

Any topics I forgot to add? Add to the comments!


  1. Hello, DiKKy here.
    I am a gigantic faggot, and am going to kill myself tonight after the show.

  2. hi, i like the scent of date rapists, js.